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Albuquerque Safe Paint Disposal

Safe Paint DisposalJust because most paint comes off your hands with soap and water doesn’t mean it’s safe to pour down the drain. In Albuquerque, most substances used in house painting—paints, stains, solvents, and strippers—are considered Hobby and Workshop Waste and must be taken to a local Household Hazardous Waste Center (HHWC).

Mike’s Quality Painting is committed to serving you—our individual customers and our larger community. We do this in part by abiding by city and state guidelines for paint disposal.

Do Your Part

If your new house or business painting project is being accompanied by a thorough cleaning that includes disposing of old paint, here are some helpful hints for safe paint disposal that might save you a trip to the HHWC:

  • Latex paint in small quantities may be put in with other garbage for regular collection if the paint is completely dry.
  • If you have more than a pint of latex paint left, you may try speeding up the dry-out process by mixing the paint with an equal amount of kitty litter and leaving it open to air. Make sure the paint is out of reach of children and animals.
  • If you have a lot of latex paint left, the kitty litter mixture will work, but you need to divide the paint into several containers (like old coffee cans or ice cream buckets).

If you are unsure whether or not you should go to the HHWC for paint disposal, always err on the side of caution—go to the HHWC. The guidelines are intended to protect us from soil and water contamination. But we’re only protected when we actually keep these substances out of landfills.

If you have any questions about paint disposal, call the experts at Mike’s Quality Painting
(505) 508-5342.

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