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Mike's Quality Painting Family PhotoWhen you need a residential or commercial painting contractor, you may feel more comfortable hiring someone you know. So, we’d like for you to get to know us and our business.


The Team

Albuquerque commercial and residential painting contractor. We are the repaint specialist’s. We are a full-service painting company; we provide a wide range of services for both interior and exterior painting projects. Services we provide Interior Painting, drywall repair, texture matching, staining, and trim work, special coatings, exterior painting, exterior wood repair and replacement, power washing, stucco repair, & deck refinishing.

Mike has been in the industry since he was a boy, first painting houses for his dad, a home builder in Texas. He’s been painting ever since. He was in a partnership with his brother that dissolved in 2011.

We started Mike’s Quality Painting to realize the vision of a painting company committed to quality-one that’s organized, operated and marketed a little bit differently than your average painting company. Mike’s Quality Painting is a family-owned business. Mike and his wife Miriam own the business together; they work as a team running the business. Mike oversees all of the Operations and Miriam focuses on managing the office, sales, and marketing.

We’ve been very careful in the hiring of our crew. We have high standards. All of our painters have:

  • Passed a drug/alcohol test and background check
  • Passed written and practical tests to evaluate their painting knowledge and skill
  • Been oriented to our company culture that insists on quality work and excellent customer service

Everyone at Mike’s Quality Painting is regularly evaluated to help them work towards their career goals and to make sure they’re doing everything they can to make sure you’re satisfied.

Mike’s Quality Painting 9 Points of Culture

1. Attitude

In all situations I maintain a positive attitude. I welcome every circumstance as an opportunity to grow and learn. I believe that being positive not only makes me better but makes everyone around me better. I look at circumstances and ask what can I learn from this?

A positive attitude is not about seeing things that are not right and shrugging your shoulders and saying it doesn’t matter and walking away with an insincere smile. A positive attitude is about looking a problem square in the face and finding a solution and not letting circumstances determine how you feel.

2. Safety

On every job I think about safety first. Safety is always more important than customer service, quality or production.  I ask myself:

  1. Am I working safely? Is all my equipment in good working order and am I using it properly and safely.
  2. Are my team members safe?
  3. Have I protected my customer’s belongings by moving them carefully and covering them completely?
  4. Am I in danger of damaging anyone’s property that is in the proximity of my job?  Example if I am spraying outside is there a breeze blowing that will send overspray on any cars or buildings that are near-by.

3. Ownership

I am responsible for all my actions and outcomes. I own everything that takes place in my work and my life. I don’t blame or make excuses. When things don’t go well I look to myself to see what changes I need to make in myself so I can have better outcomes in the future. I realize that the attitude of ownership is a place of power because I am no longer a victim of any person or circumstance. I am responsible.

4. Customer Service

I am responsible for the satisfaction of our customers. I know that excellent customer service will turn our customers into raving fans. I follow these strategies to ensure customer satisfaction:

  1. I am a good listener. I listen carefully to what my customer is saying they want or need.
  2. I try to accommodate their needs, such as starting in a certain room or area of their home.
  3. I am a good communicator. I talk to my customers daily so they know the plan to accomplish the work.
  4. I address any customer concerns quickly. If they point out something I missed or they would like a second coat on I do that work immediately or if that is not possible I make sure and tell the customer when I will complete it.
  5. I always do what I say I am going to do.
  6. I always give more than expected.

5. Quality

Quality is our middle name. I am responsible for the quality on every job I am part of. I know that producing quality work will turn our customers into raving fans. Quality means that I put the customer first by listening carefully to what they want; that I always use the best material for the job; that I never cut corners or fail to put a second coat when needed, that I always clean up after myself every night and I never leave my customer in a mess. I am a painting professional and I always do excellent work.

6. Integrity

I am a person of integrity. Quality is what I do; integrity is who I am. I always speak the truth. My word is my bond. If I say I will do something you can depend that it will be done. If I realize I will be unable to follow through as promised I notify the people involved as soon as possible. Because I am a person of integrity my customers, and my co-workers trust me.

7. Teamwork

A team can be described as a group of people who have a common goal, who are interdependent and share responsibility for performance. We work together as a team to achieve the goal of making our customers raving fans.

We accomplish our goal by:

  1. Putting the team first
  2. Working together for mutual gain
  3. Sharing responsibility for every jobs success or failure
  4. We support each other by always showing up with a positive attitude and ready to work

8. Gratitude

I am a truly grateful person. I maintain an attitude of gratitude. Thinking about all the things I am grateful for reminds me of the positive things in my life. When I am focused on the positive aspects of my life everything seems to flow better. Gratitude reminds me of what’s important. It’s hard to complain about the little things when I am thankful for my health, my family, my home and my job.

I say thank-you and show appreciation often and in many ways, so that all around me know how much I appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life.

9. Leadership

I am a leader at MQP. I know the company Vision and Mission. I keep my focus on what needs to be done daily to accomplish the goals. I rally those around me to help achieve goals. I have the skills and resources to get the job done. I take responsibility, and others follow my lead. I am a leader.

Our Mission

  • To enrich the beauty and value of our customer’s homes and businesses through best painting practices
  • To meet our customers’ needs with integrity and attention to detail
  • To provide our employees with a safe, positive work environment and continual opportunities for growth
  • To leave a lasting positive impact on our community
  • To enjoy the benefits of a job well done

The Commitment

We Mean It: Mike’s Quality Painting. Quality is not a word we use lightly at Mike’s Quality Painting. We aim to set ourselves above every other Albuquerque painting company. So, when we say we’re committed to quality, we mean it. You can see it in our:



You know exactly what to expect from Mike’s Quality Painting. Our free estimates are written to clearly outline the materials, labor, and bottom-line cost for the job. You’re never surprised by extra charges.



You may not always get the lowest price with Mike’s Quality Painting, but you’ll always get the best value. We will not compromise on quality. We only use high quality products right for your surfaces that we’ve carefully prepared. That’s why we can offer a 3-year warranty on all products and labor for exterior painting jobs.


Customer Service

As your painting contractor, we work for you. When we come for your free estimate, we listen to what you want. Our written estimates clearly show what we recommend—services, material, and labor. You chose what you want done, and you stay in control of the job. If there’s ever a concern, our management team wants to know so we can make it right.

Our way of doing business works! Our customers are satisfied, and they let others know! We’ve thrived because of their referrals.



The crew at Mike’s Quality Painting are experienced painting experts. We know what it takes to make your home or business look great:

  • Coverage—we never skimp on material. We guarantee coverage, even if it requires a second coat at our expense.
  • Straight lines and smooth brush strokes—we don’t leave the marks of amateurs.

We pride ourselves on being the Albuquerque painting company that performs above your expectations. Our painters are polite and professional. We work around you and clean up our mess every day so you never feel like you’re living or working in a construction site.


Quality Products

Mike’s Quality Painting uses the best paints for the job. We only use high quality products, and we only use products that are right for your surfaces.

Painting is an investment in your home’s or business’s value. You can’t afford a painting contractor who’s only committed to their bottom dollar. You need a painting company committed to quality and your satisfaction. You need Mike’s Quality Painting.


To experience the difference that the commitment to quality makes, call Mike’s Quality Painting: (505) 508-5342.

Our Team

Mike Freeman Owner General Manager

Mike Freeman

Owner / General Manager

Miriam Freeman Owner Office Manager

Miriam Freeman

Owner / Sales, Marketing, & Office Manager

Melissa Linehan Accounting Manager

Melissa Linehan

Accounting Manager

Will Teaney

Sales Manager

Richard Keller Estimator Sales

Richard Keller

Estimator / Sales

Bert Rivera-Trujillo Estimator Sales

Bert Rivera-Trujillo

Estimator / Sales

Colton Deeter Estimator / SalesColton Deeter

Estimator / Sales

Brandon Ankeny Estimator / Sales

Brandon Ankeny

Estimator / Sales

Michelle Martinez Customer Advocate

Michelle Martinez

Production Coordinator/HR

Grace Roe Office Assistant

Grace Roe

Customer Advocate

Samantha Musgraves

Marketing Coordinator

Sam Garcia

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Travon Curtis

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Jocilyn Elyicio

Accounting Assistant

Jerry Martinez Operations Manager

Jerry Martinez

Operations Manager

Amado Marrufo Drywall Crew Leader

Amado Marrufo

Drywall Crew Leader

Ed Chavez Painting Field Supervisor

Ed Chavez

Field Supervisor

George Guillen Painting Field Supervisor

George Guillen

Field Supervisor

Marten Salazar Painting Crew Leader

Marten Salazar

Crew Leader

Dusty McGuire Painting Crew Leader

Dusty McGuire

Crew Leader

Juan Lopez

Crew Leader

Christian Valenciano

Crew Leader

Herman Barrientos

Crew Leader

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