Albuquerque House Painter

albuquerque-residential-painter1-300x223Seasons change, years go by, and they all wear on your house—inside and out. To keep your home in good condition and current with the latest in home style trends, a fresh coat of paint may be just the ticket. While new paint color scheme is one of the most affordable ways to bring your house into the “now,” it is a major undertaking. It’s worth the investment to hire a painting contractor: Mike’s Quality Painting.

Maximize Your Investment

When you hire Mike’s Quality Painting as your Albuquerque painting contractor, you get:

A company committed to your satisfaction.

We know what you want because we ask…and we listen. From the free estimate to our final clean up, you’re in charge of your house painting project.

A quality-oriented crew of painting experts.

Our house painters have demonstrated their knowledge through written and practical tests. They are introduced to a company culture that insists on quality work and excellent customer service, and they are regularly evaluated to make sure that their skills and services are keeping our customers satisfied.

High quality products.

Mike’s Quality Painting uses only the best quality products so that your home looks beautiful for years. We also meticulously prepare all surfaces to ensure proper paint bonding. Our exterior paint jobs carry a full 3-year warranty on our work and the products.


Everything Mike’s Quality Painting offers you results in a long-lasting quality paint job that increases the value of your home.

Albuquerque’s Repainting Specialist

It’s easy to paint a new house—no one lives there. But when you want to update your house, you still need to live in it. Mike’s Quality Painting understands that. We work around you to minimize the inconvenience of home improvement. Our house painters will:


  • Arrive on time—between 7:30 and 8:00 am each morning
  • Communicate with you before we begin—we tell you the scope of work that needs to get done, you tell us where to start
  • Do the prep work—we do everything to protect your property and prepare the surfaces for painting
  • Keep noise down—no loud radios, no inappropriate language
  • Clean up—we pack up and clean up the site each night before leaving so you don’t feel like you’re living in a construction zone.


To maximize your investment in your home but minimize the effort and inconvenience, you need a full-service painting contractor. You need Mike’s Quality Painting. Contact us to request a quote today!

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