Commercial Exterior

Maintaining the outer appearance of any commercial business is crucial for attracting customers and clients. With a less than stellar curb appeal, your business is likely to deter potential customers rather than invite new ones through the door. Don’t push away customers from visiting your business because of what the outside looks like! Get help from Mike’s Quality Painting to turn your business into something everyone will rave about!

Full Service Painting

Does your business just need a fresh coat of paint to spruce up the exterior or are you rebranding with a fresh pop of new color? At Mike’s Quality Painting, we have expertise and professionals to get the job done! Don’t trust just anyone to get the paint your business, rely on the experts!

Pressure Washing

With the unpredictable weather in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area, a lot of dirt and debris can cause wear and tear to the exterior of your commercial building, causing an excess amount of buildup on the surface. At Mike’s Quality Painting, we can pressure wash the grime off your building to make it look good as new!

Soffit, Fascia or Siding Replacement

Are you having issues with the soffit and fascia on your roof or maybe the siding on your business? We’re here to help! There are so many reasons as to why the soffit, fascia, and siding may be deteriorating, including insects, mold, weather, and more! Don’t wait to get it fixed, rely on the experts at Mike’s Quality Painting to lend a hand before more damage is done!

Stucco Patching

Is your commercial building’s structural material made out of stucco? Are you noticing some cracks on the exterior and want to get it patched and painted over? Stucco over time can show visible signs of the elements it faces. Make your building look as good as new with our stucco patching and repainting services!

Elastomeric Coatings

Keep your commercial building in great shape for longer with elastomeric coating! Protect it from the unpredictable weather and elements your building faces in Albuquerque. Call Mike’s Quality Painting today to get started, because having a sturdy building means all your interior belongings remain untouched by the elements!

Deck Refinishing

Does your business have a deck that is starting to look dull and unappealing? Don’t let your deck deter customers from visiting! Have Mike’s Quality Painting experts take care of all your deck refinishing needs! You’ll be happy you did.

Wood Staining

Do you have wood on the exterior of your business? Is it starting to look lackluster and worn with age? No matter what your wood staining needs are, we’ve got your covered! We’ll make sure the job it done right!

Graffiti Removal

Has your commercial building been tagged by graffiti? Don’t let unsightly markings plague your business and deter customers! Reach out to the experts at Mike’s Quality Painting to remove graffiti from your building and make it look as though it was never there!

To learn more about Mike’s Quality Painting Commercial Exterior Services, give us a call today (505) 508-5342.

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