Do You Give Free Painting Estimates? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

First things first: Yes! We give free painting estimates! In fact, you can request a quote online.

Explain you hiring process.


We understand that what our customers are really buying is the peace of mind that the people working on their project are the highest quality.  All applicants are strenuously vetted with a drug test and background check. Once we hire a painter, we begin their training on day 1 with ladder safety, go over our points of culture, customer service training, and quality control education. We know that without the highest standards of training, you cannot consistently deliver the highest quality results. Training and professional growth are a cornerstone of our culture and never stops.

Do all painting companies carry insurance?

A: No.

Not all contractors are equal when it comes to insurance coverage. Many painters don’t carry insurance coverage at all and some maintain the very lowest amounts of coverage possible. We believe that high coverage limits help provide security and peace of mind for our clients in the event of an accident or job site injury.

Does every painting company provide a warranty?


Our warranty is unmatched in Albuquerque because not only do we provide a full 3 year warranty on every project (2 years longer than industry standards), we will also honor an extension and take care of a project that does not perform the way we expect it to. Warranties for us are about peace of mind that you’ve purchased quality and we will stand behind your decision.

What is the importance of a written estimate?


Having a clearly written estimate provides assurance to all parties. The client knows exactly what work will be performed, how long the warranty will be and what type of products will be applied. Without a clear written estimate, the end result can be subjective and unclear.

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