Residential Interior

Your home is a place where you can truly express who you are. At Mike’s Quality Painting, we understand the importance of having a home where you can showcase your personality and taste! Whether you are looking to repaint your home, patch up drywall damage, or add flare to baseboards, door casing, and crown moulding, we’ve got you covered! Rely on Mike’s Quality Painting to help you create a home that is beautiful and uniquely you!

Full Service Painting

At Mike’s Quality Painting, we understand the need to have a quality painter for your home’s interior, that’s why it’s in our name! Whether you are looking to add pops of color or want to completely redo your entire home with a fresh coat of paint, you need paint that is free of streaks and lasts for years! Expect only the highest level of professionalism from our staff – we protect your belongings, and are sure to cover and protect every inch of your home!

Full Service Drywall Repair

Whether you did home repair projects that require drywall patching or an accident while moving furniture caused a hole in your wall, we’ve got the expert to make your home look beautiful once again! No matter how the damage occurred, Mike’s Quality Painting can provide professional drywall repair that seamlessly blends in!

Minor Baseboard, Door Casing, and Crown Moulding

Want to add elegance to your home? Contact Mike’s Quality Painting for our baseboard, door casing, and crown moulding installation! It’s important to hire the right company for the job, so rely on the experts you can trust! Whether you are looking to add a simple baseboard or add a sophisticated crown moulding, we’ve got the professionals you’ve been looking for!

At Mike’s Quality Painting, we understand the extra care needed when dealing with a home’s interior. If you want to learn more about our residential interior services, contact one of our experts today!

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