Stucco Patching

Albuquerque Stucco Repair & Painting

Much of the charm of the Albuquerque area comes from the adobe-style homes and businesses. But the elements are not always kind to stucco surfaces. The temperature extremes common in New Mexico often cause cracking and erosion. To preserve the charm of your Southwestern home or business, you may need to repair your stucco exterior. Mike’s Quality Painting has the skill and experience needed to repair stucco surfaces.

Not an Easy Fix

Just because you can find articles and videos showing you how to do DIY stucco repair doesn’t mean patching stucco is an easy job. Repairing stucco is tricky because of its layered construction. Minor cracks may be repaired at the surface with acrylic fillers, but most repairs involve getting down to the studs to make sure that the repaired stucco is waterproof. But really, the hardest part of stucco patching is color and texture matching.

Stucco Pros

The quality-oriented professionals at Mike’s Quality Painting are experts at stucco repair. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to fix cracks and holes in stucco surfaces. We will assess all damaged areas to determine how best to repair your stucco surface.


Mike’s Quality Painting also understands the challenges in painting stucco. As a porous surface, stucco is prone to cracking with temperature-related expansion and contraction. To hide these cracks without compromising stucco’s breathable texture, we use elastomeric coatings for stucco exterior paint projects.


No matter what surface types you have in your home or business, Mike’s Quality Painting has the expertise to work on them. We know how patch, repair, wash, paint and stain everything from drywall and textured plaster to Masonite siding and metal… so you don’t have to. Contact us to find out what services we can offer you.

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