Ideas on Painting Your Child’s Room

With schools reopening this month, we know that parents, grandparents, guardians, and others with children still at home are starting their preparations for a new academic year. One area that we recommend all homeowners consider updating at this time is their child’s bedroom.

Many children are sensitive to the look and color of their rooms, and as they get older, they also need a greater outlet for their creativity. A fresh coat of paint can make the school year go smoother in a variety of ways for a child—and even everyone else in the home! Mike’s Quality Paint is here to help refresh your child’s room.

Focusing on Growth and Excitement
As children grow, they need cues to help them understand the importance of various milestones. One way a parent can do this is by updating their child’s bedroom. For example, a professional painter might help homeowners transition a child who is just about to start school from a “baby” or “toddler” room that features murals and pastel colors to a more “grown-up” room with solid colors and darker or earthy tones. If you have a teenager starting high school, you could even get them involved in the process, allowing them to tag along to show them how room customization works and allow them to pick their own colors.

Selecting Colors that Promote Positivity
Sometimes a child’s room has wallpaper or colors that make the space feel dark, small, and unwelcoming. Some colors can even increase feelings of boredom and unhappiness, such as black, dark blue, and gray shades. On the other side of this problem are vibrant shades of warm colors like bright orange or yellow or dark red, which can create feelings of aggressiveness or encourage hyperactiveness.

Cool tones like light blue can calm a child and help them sleep better, while warm natural shades of green, brown, yellow, orange, and red in a balanced mix can help a child feel closer to nature and more focused, creative, self-confident, and positive overall.

Making a Canvas for a Child
A homeowner can also turn one or more walls of a room into a canvas for their child to explore their imagination by asking a professional to use black chalkboard paint. A chalkboard wall makes it possible for a child to write on the walls without causing permanent damage after the paint dries. Several magnetic chalkboard paint options also exist, meaning once the paint dries, the child can hang notes, tickets, flyers, and other items on their walls with strong magnets.

At Mike’s Quality Painting, we want to reduce the stress of this hectic back-to-school time for parents in Albuquerque. We’re proud to offer interior residential painting as one of our services. We can quickly and efficiently paint a child’s entire room in one or multiple solid colors, as directed by the homeowner or their child. Call us today for more information or to request a quote.