Why You Should Get Your Home’s Stucco Patched

Over time, building materials like stucco experience various forms of damage. The aggregate plaster cracks and flakes with exposure to the elements and daily wear and tear. Accidental impacts to the surface or insects can cause holes. Homeowners must then deal with cosmetic and structural problems that can cost them time and money. Mike’s Quality Painting are the experts in stucco repair damage in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas. We discuss the reasons to hire a stucco repair professional to patch and repaint your home’s stucco.

Avoid Water Leaks

Whenever a wall, ceiling, or other surface coated in layers of stucco experiences damage, the surface can no longer provide water-resistance protection. Rainwater and condensation that seeps through damaged stucco into underlying structures can cause severe damage to other types of construction materials like wood and concrete and cause mold growth. If the homeowner does nothing, they might eventually have to pay for expensive cleanup, repairs, and other professional remediation efforts.

Prevent Further Damage

Homeowners should always invest in stucco patchwork as part of a general home maintenance plan. By hiring a professional to patch stucco, they can prevent further damage to it and underlying structures that cost more money to fix. For example, an emergency repair job is always far more expensive and disruptive than maintenance work. If a structure becomes unlivable, then the homeowner might need to pay for a hotel, take time off from work and lose weeks of their life to hassles related to the disruption.

Improve Home Value

Of course, stucco repairs offer one additional big benefit—it improves the outer appearance of the home! Although the overall structural integrity of the home matters to insurers, they also care about curbside appeal. Potential future buyers care as well. Even lightly damaged stucco makes a house look dirty, dull, and old. An experienced stucco repair specialist can match any repair work seamlessly to the color and texture of non-damaged areas. They can also repaint the entire structure in vibrant new colors that match the community and recent sales trends.

Our team at Mikes Quality Painting does more than provide high-quality painting services for our neighbors in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas—we also repair, wash and repaint stucco! Call us today for more information or receive your estimate today!