Serious About Stucco: How MQP Can Help Your Stucco Look Like New!

Living in the Southwest, most homes are finished with a stucco exterior, and if gone without maintenance for too long
or if it was originally installed without the proper measures taken, it can begin to wear over time and cause the
materials underneath the surface to become rotted or damaged. If you’re thinking about freshening up your
Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Santa Fe home’s stucco, here are some options to consider:

Touch Ups
Depending on how old your home is, if you begin to see cracking and patching on your exterior surface, be sure to
have a professional fix these issues instead of trying to cover it up. Cracks allow moisture behind the stucco and allows
that moisture to reach the base of your home’s walls and potentially cause further—much more serious—damage. We
offer stucco patching, color, and texture matching for those challenging repairs!

Painting Stucco
There are multiple options to choose from when you decide to paint your home’s stucco, such as the color, coating,
and texture. We use two types of coatings: elastomeric coating will allow your stucco to be more breathable in daily
and yearly temperature swings, or, acrylic paint that can help manage UV rays and heat on your home's surface. If
your stucco is in bad shape and you see signs such as rotting—you would be much better off in replacing it. But, if you
have minor cracking that can be patched up then painting is the way to go! Feel free to set up a consultation with us to
learn more about the pros and cons of each stucco coating and which may be better for your home!

Replacing Stucco
If you decide to replace your exterior stucco, you can get help from Mike’s Quality Painting to ensure your home will
look great and will have stucco that will last for years to come! For full stucco coverage, it's important to apply a
bonding primer before the new stucco is added to ensure proper coating and sealing, or you’ll need touch-ups again in
the near future. For a large and serious job like this, be sure to use a reliable professional such as Mike’s Quality
Painting, proudly serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe!

A high-quality paint or stucco repair can go a long way for your home! Be sure to consult a professional with quality
tools and resources for your next job. If you’re ready to renew your home by touching up or painting your stucco, give
us a call today!